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Funeral Shipping Services

Visit our funeral shipping services page for information on the specialized services we offer to Atlanta and surrounding communities.

Cremation Services Atlanta

Learn why we provide affordable cremation services Atlanta funeral professionals and families can know and love.

Planning Ahead

No matter how prepared you are, the loss of a loved one will still take a great toll on you emotionally. However, there are ways is which you can prepare other elements which are necessary when dealing with death. This goes for either yourself or the imminent and upcoming passing of a loved one. Whether it's writing a will, gathering other legal documents, or coming up with some unique memorial ideas, this section is aimed at helping you prepare and plan for a loss. Take your time to read through this information or if you'd rather, you can contact us online or call us anytime at 404-761-2697. We also allow you to pre-plan online if that is what you are looking to accomplish.

Memorial Service Ideas
Many of today's families are turning away from traditional funeral formats. Instead they are choosing to host a memorial service. Often less formal, certainly more personal; memorial services offer these families unique opportunities for a meaningful and memorable ceremony, as well as communal healing.
Memorial Services Checklist
There's so much to consider. If you're making final arrangements for yourself or a loved one, this checklist will help you make sure every detail is handled properly.