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Funeral Shipping Services

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Cremation Services Atlanta

Learn why we provide affordable cremation services Atlanta funeral professionals and families can know and love.

Traditional Cremation Package

This package (which includes the features of a simple, direct cremation) is designed for those who wish to retain funeral traditions, including the presence of the casketed body, while keeping the many advantages of a cremation arrangement. This can be a good choice for those who are having a difficult time deciding between cremation and a traditional burial, as it combines the largest benefits of each. Here, the cremation occurs after the funeral, which has been lovingly, and thoughtfully, planned by your family in cooperation with a member of our funeral home's professional staff.

If you are having any difficulty in deciding which package will be the best fit for your specific situation, feel free to contact us at any point in time and one of the caring staff at Airport Mortuary Shipping Serv & The Crematorium would be happy to help you out. Alternatively, you can reach us by phone at 404-761-2697.

The traditional cremation package includes:

  • The hosting of a traditional funeral which suits the wishes of the deceased. 
  • The transfer of your loved one to the crematory.
  • Preparation of the death certificate and all related permits.
  • Coordination with the Medical Examiner/Coroner if required.
  • Purchase of, and placement of your loved one in, an approved cremation container.
  • The cremation process, supervised by experienced and certified cremation specialists.
  • The placement of your loved one's ashes in a basic cremation urn.
  • The safe return of their ashes to your family.